Sandra Evans

Poet, artist, mother.


Sandra Evans is a poet from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her writing has appeared in rock, paper, scissors and the Family Housing Fund calendar. She lives in St. Paul with her husband, son and dog. She has her MFA from Hamline University.


Poetry’s been a mainstay of my life for 30 years. It has a quality of faith in that even though I’m not always practicing it-- poetry is always there-- waiting for me. Reading Li Young Lee’s Winged Seed made me want to let my poetry play inside prose, but I still find the short, succinct and evocative lines of poets like Lee, Berry, Akhmatova, and Tagore give us something that enters not only through our minds and hearts but our whole body and truly inspires me. Music, meaning and meditation—. Poetry—our blood pulses to it, our chests rise with it.